Suzanne Phillips Obituary Gainesville GA, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Suzanne Phillips Obituary

Suzanne Phillips Obituary, Death Cause – The death of Suzanne Phillips has occurred. During her time at the university, she was an honourable little sister for the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and a committed sister in the Phi Mu sorority. After completing her education, Suzanne went straight into the field of fashion sales. She first worked for Rich’s Department Store in Atlanta and Augusta, and then later for Carol’s Closet in Gainesville.

Suzanne spent her time, as she immersed herself in the activities of her family, offering motherly support to the football teams, baseball teams and Boy Scout activities in addition to teaching basketball and soccer. She found herself spending her hours lovingly absorbed in these activities. Suzanne participated in the Georgia Dental Association Mission of Mercy Programme, the Georgia Academy of Dental Practise social activities, and the Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta Auxiliary programmes so that she could show her support for her husband.

The fact that Suzanne enjoyed activities that took place outside was particularly fortunate for her given that she shared her home with a man and two boys. Her canine family members Chipper, Bailey, Mac, and Bosco accompanied her on her favourite activities, which included bird hunting, golfing, skiing, water sports, “lake time,” and snow skiing. Additionally, she had a strong interest in all of the University of Georgia sporting activities as well as the Atlanta Braves. Tennis and the other members of her tennis team, all of whom Suzanne cherished deeply, provided Suzanne with the gasoline she needed to keep her competitive spirit alive. Both of these jobs were in Georgia. Suzanne had been working in the business world for seven years when she finally achieved her greatest and most appropriate career and calling. She exemplified what it meant to be a supportive and loyal wife, as well as a nurturing and loving mother, and therefore she became the prototype for the role of matriarch in the family.

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