Simon Bentzinger Obituary, Learn more About Simon Bentzinger Death

Simon Bentzinger Obituary, Learn more About Simon Bentzinger Death

Simon Bentzinger Obituary, Death Cause – On Sunday, July 2, 2023, in his home in Sutter, Illinois, Simon John Bentzinger, age 13, entered the Kingdom of his Heavenly Father while holding the hands of both of his parents. His passing occurred on the day of the Lord’s Supper. Mark Bentzinger and Jaime (Lowman) Bentzinger of Sutter, Illinois, welcomed their son Simon into the world on December 13, 2009. Simon was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Warsaw, Illinois, in addition to being a student at Nauvoo Junior High School, which was located in Nauvoo, Illinois.

Before finally succumbing to his sickness, Simon engaged in a difficult fight against cancer for three and a half years. He frequently did this with a wry smile on his face and a statement that displayed his quick wit. Despite the fact that Simon’s fight against cancer was never simple, he was extraordinarily fortunate. However, he was able to make the most of his time there (during his break from treatment) with his parents by seeking for Sasquatch and leaving his chewing gum on the Gum Wall. He was flown to Seattle, Washington for a new therapy research. The Make a Wish Foundation granted Simon’s wish to have an incredible “Game Room” that was outfitted with everything an adolescent could possibly want, including a small refrigerator.

Because of the generosity of Kelsie’s Hope Foundation, Simon and his family were able to take a magical trip to Disney World in Florida, where they stayed in the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser. Simon was given the opportunity to test his DJ abilities at a party titled “Just Because We Can” by a good family friend named Travis Conover of Top Dogg Production. Travis volunteered to bring his Sound and Light Show to the celebration. Not only did his classmates at Sts. Peter and Paul School in Nauvoo, Illinois pray for him every day, but they also threw a birthday celebration for him and gave him a significant gift card as a present.

They also gave him the Living Rosary as a gift since they thought of him as “one of their own.” The best location in the world for Simon was being at home with his family, either swimming (given that he was a fish in water) or consuming anything with a blazingly high temperature. His hobbies were watching Star Wars and playing Play Nine, as well as collecting Pokémon trading cards. Simon possessed a one-of-a-kind sense of humor that, depending on your mood, would either make you laugh out loud or shake your head in bewilderment.

He is survived by his parents, who live in Sutter, Illinois, as well as his brother, Logan Bentzinger, who lives in Quincy, Illinois, with his fiancee Ashley Zimmerman. Grandparents are Vickie Bentzinger and Kevin and Vickie Maag, both of Warsaw, Illinois. Vickie Bentzinger is also a grandparent. Great-grandfather Ron Maag of Warsaw, Illinois; uncles Douglas (Jennifer) Bentzinger of Dunfermline, Illinois and Jordan (Megan) Maag of Wever, Iowa; aunts Danielle (Andrew) Horras of Collinsville, Illinois and Stacie (Mike) Payne of Carthage, Illinois. Great-grandfather Ron Maag of Warsaw, Illinois. The following individuals are cousins: Adrienne (Grant) Murphy of Des Moines, Iowa; Kelsey and Isabella Bentzinger of Dunfermline, Illinois; Alexis (Alexander) Ruhe of Atlanta, Illinois; Addyson, Dayton, and Dominic Horras, all of Collinsville, Illinois; Eric and Gunner Payne of Carthage, Illinois; and Ainsley, Briley, and Chailey Maag, all of Wever, Iowa. In addition, Simon is remembered by a large number of Great Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, as well as his cherished Ramirez family from St. Joseph, Missouri, his very closest buddy, Jasper Harmon, from Warsaw, Illinois, and his honorary brother, Bryce Heiden, from Quincy, Illinois.

Robert Bentzinger and James Lowman, both of Simon’s grandfathers, as well as Bryce and Issac Bentzinger, two of Simon’s relatives, all passed away before Simon did. Simon was a remarkable child who, despite his brief existence, managed to leave an impression and provide motivation on the lives of a great number of people. The Bentzinger family would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has been praying for them continually, who has called, who has brought them meals, who has sent cards and presents, who has visited, and who has donated Pokémon cards.

They are overwhelmed by the amount of people (from coast to coast) who have reached out to them in one way or another on a consistent basis. We are grateful to the wonderful members of their Presbyterian Church family for everything that they done. Thank you to the team of doctors and nurses at St. Louis Children’s Hospital who fought this battle alongside Simon, as well as the staff at Blessing Hospice who were there for Simon and his family until the very end.

Author: Sammy Loco