Sharon Goodbred Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Sharon Goodbred

Sharon Goodbred Obituary, Death Cause – According to the local police in Chesterfield County, Virginia, a woman was walking on the railroad lines near the 11900 block of Chester Road when she was struck and killed by a train. The incident was reported by the local authorities. The event transpired on the 11900 block of Chester Road, as previously mentioned. The information comes from the statements that the officers of the local police department have made about the incident. The occurrence took place somewhere in the community that is centered around the 11900 block of Chester Road.

After discovering the woman, the authorities moved immediately to question a local resident named Sharon B. Goodbree, who lives in the 4000 block of Hilltop Field Drive. Goodbree has reached the age of 45, and she lives in the same neighborhood as the woman who was found. Both of them were looking for the same woman. Anyone who has any cause to assume that they may be in possession of information is urged to get in touch with the Chesterfield County Police Department as soon as humanly possible in order to comply with their request.

On Thursday evening at 8:34 o’clock, members of the community police force were sent to the area in order to investigate the incident in order to carry out an investigation. This was done in order to examine the occurrence and carry out an inquiry. A female pedestrian was hit by a train while she was going north on the tracks, according to a statement made by a spokesperson of the Chesterfield Police Department in an email. Both the train and the pedestrian were headed north. The locomotive was headed in a northern direction when it was last seen. When we last saw the train, it was traveling in a direction that was heading toward the north.


Author: James Lucas