Rawan Saleh Obituary, In Loving Memory of Rawan Saleh

Rawan Saleh Obituary,

Rawan Saleh Obituary, Death Cause – According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the Delaware State Police, a second individual who was engaged in the fatal incident that took place in Felton on July 2, 2023, took their own life as a direct result of the tragedy that was produced as a direct result of the accident that took place. The family of the victim volunteered this information to the police. The collision took place on July 2nd of this year.

The cause of Rawan Saleh’s death was a direct result of the severity of the injuries he sustained as a direct result of the incident. Saleh calls the city of Philadelphia, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania, which can be found in the United States of America, his hometown. The investigation into the chain of occurrences that culminated in this incident will be carried out by the Collision Reconstruction Unit of Delaware State Police Troop 3, which is also referred to as DSP Troop 3 for short. At the moment, DSP Troop 3 is the one tasked with being in charge of conducting this investigation. You are strongly encouraged to get in touch with Master Corporal J. Lane as soon as possible if you or anyone you know may have observed the event in question. This will allow you to share your account of what went place and help determine what happened.

The inquiry into what had occurred was carried out by the Department of State Police, which was the organization responsible for conducting the investigation and was assigned the task of looking into what had occurred. Rawan Saleh, who was 26 years old at the time of the accident and was driving the Cadillac, unexpectedly died away this morning at a hospital in the surrounding region as a direct result of the serious injuries he got as a direct result of the event.



Author: James Lucas