Mark Ilten Obituary, Mark Ilten Has Passed Away

Mark Ilten Obituary, Death Cause – Mark Ilten was a devoted supporter of the Reserve and served on the board of the organization known as the Friends of Schmeeckle. We feel an overwhelming sense of loss as we must break the news to you that he has passed away and tell you that he is no longer with us. Since the year 2018, both Mark and Karen, Mark’s wife, have been contributing members of the Friends group and have been active members of the group.

The family has provided a list of community groups to which contributions can be made, and one of those groups is the Friends of Schmeeckle organization. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be given, and they specifically request that no flowers be delivered. We feel a deep sense of gratitude toward Mark for leaving behind a legacy that will ensure the continuation of support for the community that held such a significant place in his heart. We hope that everything works out well for Karen and for the rest of Mark and Karen’s extended family and friends, and we send our best wishes their way. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip, our dear Friend!

When Mark joined the board of directors of the Friends organization the year before, he brought with him not just his enthusiasm for the great outdoors but also his many years of expertise in the working world. His dedication to a wide range of community organizations, notably Schmeeckle, served as the cornerstone of his philanthropic work and was the driving force behind his charitable donations. Mark is someone who will be missed deeply in many different ways.


Author: James Lucas