Kenneth Green Obituary California, Kenneth Green Has Passed Away

Kenneth Green Obituary California, Kenneth Green Has Passed Away

Kenneth Green Obituary, Death Cause – The St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital is the location where Kenneth Dale Green passed away on May 2, 2021. At the time of his passing, he had 67 years under his belt. Although he was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and spent the first few years of his life there, he lived the majority of his life in Rutherford County. He passed away in Rutherford County. It was at Atmos Energy, where he worked as a service tech for the entirety of his career, that he spent the overwhelming bulk of his time when he was actively employed.

Both of his parents, Harold Fred Green and Geraldine Lou Webb Green, had already passed away before he was even born. Before he was even conceived. Only Kenneth was born to them throughout their time together as a couple. He is survived by his daughter, Kimberly (Daniel) Anne Russell; his son, Brandon (Whitney) Dale Green; his brothers, Freddie Randal Green and Harold Scott Green; his grandchildren, Aislynn Mae Brown

Shawna Nicole Brown, Solomon Isaiah Russell, Hazel Elaine Green, Luciella Jeanne Russell, and Harold Dale Green; and his great-granddaughter, Clara Emery Renee Edwards. He is also survived by his brothers. In addition to them, he is survived by his brothers. At the Jennings and Ayers Funeral Home and Cremation on Saturday, July 3, at 2:00 pm, there will be a memorial ceremony performed in honor of the deceased.

At the conclusion of this, there will be a reception as well as a Celebration of Life at the 3511 Lebanon Pike location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Remembering the individual who has passed away will be the purpose of the memorial ceremony that will be performed. One of Kenny’s closest and most dedicated friends has kindly promised to cook the dish that Kenny anticipates eating the most whenever it is served. This meal is the one that Kenny looks forward to eating the most.

Author: Sophia Mia