John Pennigsdorf Obituary, John Pennigsdorf Has Passed Away

John Pennigsdorf Obituary, Death Cause – On June 24, 2023, John A. Pennigsdorf, Jr., a much-loved son, brother, father, and friend, went away suddenly at his home in Keystone Heights. He was unexpectedly taken from his family. His devoted parents, the late John Pennigsdorf Sr. and Casandra Cis, welcomed him into the world on June 18, 2000 in the city of Waukegan, Illinois. John had a life that was rich in excitement and passion for what he did. He spent his entire working life in the concrete and landscaping industries, and as a result, he left an indelible impression on the communities he served. Outside of his professional life, John found that spending time in nature brought him the most happiness.

These pastimes offered as an outlet for him, enabling him to explore a variety of worlds while simultaneously building enduring memories with others who shared his enthusiasm for these pursuits. John leaves behind fond memories in the hearts of his loved ones, including his mother, Casandra Cis; step-father, Jeremy Chirico; children Zaiden Pennigsdorf and Aurora Bond; brothers Chase Pennigsdorf and Ben Lawfer; sisters Charity Pennigsdorf, Jackie (Nathan) McCallister, and Emma Hatfield; and step-grandchildren Zaiden Pennigsdorf and Aurora Bond; and step-grandchildren Zaiden Pennigsdorf and Aurora Bond.

John was happiest and most at peace when he was surrounded by the splendor of nature. This was true whether he was engaging in his favorite pastime of fishing by the placid lakeside, going on camping excursions with his friends and family, or indulging in any water-related activities that brought him closer to the elements he cherished. When John wasn’t out discovering the great outdoors, you might frequently find him cruising around town on his long board or absorbed in amazing computer games that allowed him to discover uncharted territories filled with excitement and adventure.


Author: James Lucas