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James Lewis Obituary,

James Lewis Obituary, Death Cause – The body of the primary suspect in the Tylenol murders that occurred in 1982 was discovered in his apartment in Massachusetts. The unresponsive body of James Lewis was discovered on Sunday just after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, as stated by the Cambridge police. Soon after that, the medical examiner pronounced him dead. His death, according to the police, was “determined to be not suspicious.”

After ingesting Tylenol that had been adulterated with cyanide in 1982, seven people in the greater Chicago area lost their lives. Soon after that, a man demanded $1 million in extortion money from Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, the company that makes Tylenol. In the letter, he threatened to kill more people if the company did not comply. James Lewis was the individual who was responsible for penning that letter.

In the end, the attempted extortion would land him in prison for a decade’s worth of time. The murder charge was never brought against him. Sources tell CBS 2 Chicago, this is a frustrating day for law enforcement who’ve been investigating the case for decades. Reporting by CBS 2 revealed that Lewis had been a primary suspect from the very beginning, and officials determined that they had sufficient circumstantial evidence to charge Lewis with the crime.

A girl from Elk Grove Village, Illinois, who was 12 years old at the time and suffering from a cold on September 29, 1982, took two Tylenol capsules in the morning before heading off to school. She passed away after collapsing. In the days that followed, six more people would lose their lives as a result of taking Tylenol. It didn’t take long for the authorities to figure out that the pills contained cyanide. Fear and panic spread throughout Chicago and the rest of the country, but officials did not yet have a good idea of how widespread the poisonings were.



Author: James Lucas