Glenda Erasmus Obituary, Glenda Erasmus Has Passed Away

Glenda Erasmus Obituary,

Glenda Erasmus Obituary, Death Cause – Glenda Erasmus, who had resided at 21 Rowland Road in the Morningside neighborhood of East London up to the time of her passing on July 4, 2023, had vanished. She had been a resident of the area until the time of her death. Her passing took place on July 4th, the day when Americans celebrate Independence Day. Her devoted husband Richard, their children Roland and Melanie, Steven and Lucy, Gail, and their grandchildren Dammon, Josh, Danny, Cayden, and Jonathan, as well as her brother and sister in law, Louis and Petro, will miss her tremendously.

On Tuesday, November 11, at eleven in the morning, the funeral service will be held at the First City Baptist Church, which can be found at EL Oxford Street. The funeral service will be held on Tuesday. The memorial service has been scheduled to take place on Tuesday as the designated day for the event. The street that leads to the church is known as EL Oxford Street, and that is the name that has always been given to the street. I am writing this notice to my close pals in order to kindly beg that they take into account the information that is included in it.

Her passing will also be deeply felt by her grandchildren. Her brother and sister in law will suffer a great deal as a result of her departure as well. Her grandchildren are going to mourn her terribly and have a profound feeling of grief because of her passing away. Her brother and her sister-in-law will go through a great amount of additional difficulty as a result of her departure from the family.


Author: James Lucas