Gary Donaldson Obituary, Gary Donaldson Has Passed Away

Gary Donaldson Obituary,

Gary Donaldson Obituary, Death Cause – It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform the Aquaponics community today that Gary Donaldson, the original founder and Administrator of (which moved to a few years ago), has passed away. I must say that it is with a very sorrowful heart that I must inform the Aquaponics community today that Gary Donaldson has passed away. He will be sorely missed by everyone.

Gary has always commandd a very high level of respect from me. He was a strong supporter of aquaponics, indoor aeroponic systems (iAVS), and other environmentally friendly techniques of food production. Within the realm of aquaponics, he was a champion of truth, honesty, and integrity, and he was regularly seen calling out unrealistic claims and the “snake oil salesmen” (or “Shysters,” as he routinely referred to them) who existed within the field, particularly in the early days.

Back in 2007, Gary and I started talking to one another because we both had a common interest in aquaponics and environmentally friendly methods of food production. As time passed, we developed into one another’s closest friends. During the fifteen years that I spent working with Gary on Aquaponics Nation (and, before that, Aquaponics HQ), I learned a lot from him. In 2013, Gary delegated to me the responsibility of owning the website; however, he never stopped being actively involved in its operations, and for the past five years or so, he has continued to be primarily responsible for the administration and moderation of the front end, while I have been responsible for the back end database and other technical concerns.


Author: James Lucas