Finley Conlon Obituary Pepperell MA, Crossover Utility Vehicle Accident Kills One

Crossover Utility Vehicle Accident

Finley Conlon Obituary, Death Cause – The death of Finley Conlon has occurred. The percentage of SUVs that rolled over declined by more than half from the model year 2001 (25.3%) to the model year 2006 (11.5%), from which 20.2% were involved. In the model year 2006, about 9% of vehicles came equipped with an electronic stability control system as a standard feature.

The advent of electronic stability control (ESC) and increased safe speed limits are primarily responsible for the late model year drop in rollover rates.The fleet of current sport utility vehicles (SUVs) is continuously going through a transition as a response to the issue that they have a higher probability of rolling over. The purpose of our study was to investigate the impact of electronic stability control (ESC) and a lowered center of gravity, as well as changes in rollover rates for single-vehicle collisions that occurred in modern SUV fleets (correspondent to model years of NCAP rollover testing), as well as the changes in rollover rates.

We looked at data from the NASS-GES collected from 2001 to 2006 on a probability sample of 3,331 SUVs that had been involved in single-vehicle accidents. These 3,331 SUVs were weighted to represent the study population’s total of 324,149 accidents. Information on the Static Stability Factor, or SSF, was obtained from NCAP testing, and the presence of an ESC was determined using IIHS data. Other important predictors of rollover included the size of the SUV, the age of the driver, and the usage of alcohol. Our research expands upon the findings of prior investigations conducted by the NHTSA, the IIHS, and other organizations by analyzing an even greater variety of SUVs that were produced in the most recent model years.

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