Derna Watson Obituary, In Loving Memiry Of Derna Watson

Derna Watson Obituary,

Derna Watson Obituary, Death Cause – Derna Watson 09/11/1944 – 01/07/2023. Derna went away without any suffering or pain late last night with her family and friends surrounding her. She had been in good spirits up until her final moments. Derna was a remarkable woman who possessed a strong will, was fearless, was driven, was mad, and at times could be cantankerous. She was motivated by a desire to be the best that she could be.

You two made a stunning combination as a working unit. Lovely, I am overjoyed to learn that you have found peace and that you have been reunited with Patricia, Peter, and your mother Nellie. My heartfelt best wishes to you in these endeavors. Relax in the knowledge that you are surrounded by the people who are important to you. Because of the difference you’ve made around here, you will undoubtedly be recalled in later years, and because of that, each and every one of us will continue to have a particular place in our hearts for you.

She had the drive to be successful in all she attempted. She made the most of every moment of her life, went on wonderful adventures, racked up incredible tales to tell, and led a fascinating and, at times, weird existence. She lived her life to the very fullest. You and Patricia Whalley got along swimmingly, much like peanut butter and jelly do. It was a joy to be able to love, laugh, argue, and make up with one another throughout the time that both of you were a part of our life for such a significant amount of time, and it was a privilege to have you both in our lives.


Author: James Lucas