Dave Norkett Obituary, Dave Norkett Has Passed Away

Dave Norkett Obituary, Dave Norkett Has Passed Away

Dave Norkett Obituary, Death Cause –¬†Sisters, Brothers, Friends, We are passing on the sad news of Brother Dave Norkett’s departure with a sorrowful heart since his life was far too short. This week, he was sadly killed in a labor accident at Tecna Forge in Niagara Falls, and his life was cut brutally short as a result. Dave was a competent mechanic, a proud Teamster, and a dedicated member of Teamsters Local Union 879. He had served as a shop steward in the past and was a previous shop steward. Dave exemplified the spirit of our union. Dave had the position of most senior member of our team. He was a rock in the company, and people turned to him for counsel, direction, and support on a regular basis.

We will never forget his unflinching compassion, his rock-solid integrity, and his readiness to lend a hand to those in need. Dave was more than simply a coworker; he was also our buddy, our leader, and a brother in the union. His affection reached well beyond the confines of the blacksmith’s shop. Dave was a devoted husband and father to his two teenage girls, who were the center of his world and the reason he got up in the morning. Our hearts break for them and his wife of more than 22 years. Our hearts bleed for them. We empathize with them in their time of loss and send our most sincere sympathies.

We express our condolences to everybody and everyone who has been impacted by his death. Our sympathies also go out to the coworker who was there during the terrible event and who is now struggling to recover from the traumatic experience. We want him and all of our union members to know that we are here for you and supporting you during this really difficult time. Anyone who thinks they would benefit from having a conversation with another person is strongly encouraged to make contact with the grievance counselor. We will be keeping a close eye on the inquiry being conducted by the Ministry of Labour. Accidents in the workplace may always be avoided.

Everyone has the right to go home to their loved ones at the end of the day without fear, and we are dedicated to doing everything that is in our power to make this a reality. In the meanwhile, let us pay tribute to Dave’s legacy by renewing our dedication to maintaining a safe working environment. Please keep an eye out for one another, point out any potentially hazardous circumstances, and refuse to engage in any job that may be considered risky. Your union will back you. Brother Dave, may you rest in the might of God. You will be sorely missed, but both your memory and your spirit will continue to be a vital part of our fellowship long after your passing. In the spirit of unity,

Author: James Lucas