Colonel Zickert Obituary, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Colonel Zickert Obituary,

Colonel Zickert Obituary, Death Cause – Everyone in this room has been overcome with a great sense of loss and melancholy as a result of the regrettable event that resulted in the demise of Colonel Martin J. Zickert after hearing the dreadful news about the passing of Colonel Martin J. Zickert. During his time as a volunteer tax preparer with our VITA program, a member of the UWIRC Board of Directors, and a volunteer in emergency operations with our organization, Marty was an unwavering advocate for members of the armed forces who were still serving their country as well as those who had served in the past.

His legacy will live on via the causes that he fought for. The causes that he fought for will ensure that his name will be remembered for generations to come. Because of the issues he worked for throughout his life, his name will be remembered for many years to come. It is because of his unwavering dedication to the many worthy causes that he fought for during the course of his life that he will leave a lasting legacy.

After his passing, all of us will experience a tremendous feeling of loss when we consider the possibility that we will no longer be able to benefit from his larger-than-life presence at the table during a diverse variety of community conversations. In a collective sense, having access to something similar to this is going to be something that we are going to miss. His legacy will continue on through the causes that he fought for; may his cherished Blue Angels lift his spirit to even greater heights than they have in the past.


Author: James Lucas