Brian O’Reilly Obituary Resident Of Wilmington NC, Has Passed Away

Brian O'Reilly Obituary Resident Of Wilmington NC, Has Passed Away

Brian O’Reilly Obituary, Death Cause – In addition to having been born in Wilmington, North Carolina, Brian Myles O’Reilly had spent his entire life in that city up to the day he passed away on June 28, 2023. He was a native of Wilmington. When he left this world as a human being, he had 73 years of experience under his belt as a resident of this planet. His formative years were spent in the city of Providence, which is situated within the boundaries of the state of Rhode Island. We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Brian Myles O’Reilly.

Who was born in Providence, Rhode Island; it is with heavy hearts that we share this news with you. We are devastated to notify you of his passing. During this trying time, we want the O’Reilly family to know that we are thinking of them and sending our condolences. People frequently referred to him by the name Brian Myles O’Reilly. This was a widespread practice. Please accept our condolences.

Hugh Francis O’Reilly, Sr. and Shirley Thornton O’Reilly had both passed away before he did. Hugh Francis O’Reilly, Jr. also went away before he did. Hugh Francis O’Reilly, Jr. had departed before to his own departure. Hugh Francis O’Reilly, Jr. was the sole child that was ever born into his family after there had been no other children. He was referred to as “Jr.” His family had never before experienced the joys and challenges of fatherhood because he was the only child that had ever been born into their family. Both of his daughters.

Sheena Elaine O’Reilly, who lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Kiera Lee O’Reilly, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, are his offspring, and both of them are among the people who continue his work in the contemporary day. Kiera Lee O’Reilly resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Sheena Elaine O’Reilly lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. Hugh Francis O’Reilly, Jr., his brother, who lives in the community of Chepachet in the state of Rhode Island, is yet another person who engages in this practice.

Author: James Lucas